Flippers on the Bay recognizes the importance of ensuring that our website is accessible to those with disabilities. We are striving to ensure website-based communications are accessible to those with visual, hearing, cognitive and motor impairments.

Flippers on the Bay acknowledges that internet users with disabilities can find websites difficult to use. We recognize this important issue, and are taking necessary steps to ensure that our website is accessible in accordance with known guidelines framed by industry-standard techniques and practices, to provide an acceptable level of ADA accessibility for website users. These include, but are not limited to, the characteristics of usability for screen reader users, keyboard-only users, users with impaired hearing and vision.

Flippers on the Bay has developed an internal audit ADA checklist to use as a standard industry benchmark, based on industry consortiums and current published criteria, with the goal of providing a shared standard for internet user accessibility to meet the needs of individuals, organizations, and governments internationally; and to communicate how to make web content more accessible for people with disabilities.

We welcome any feedback on how to improve the site’s accessibility for all users. It is our goal to develop a website that is accessible to everyone! Email us at flippers@loverskey.com or call us at (239) 765-1025.